About Moemic

A Brief History of the Moemic

Moemic Enterprises was founded back in 2004 by Moe Sibai from humble beginnings.

Safety, Accessories and Hydration always had a special place in his heart and disliked sugary products.

He started from with simple accessories for the trade industry and gradually expanded to safety products to help promote a safer work environment and in 2019 won the Official Distributor rights from Thorzt to distribute nationwide as part of the Moemic expansion into the Hydration Market. Safety was a key driver of this expansion and dehydration is a serious safety concern for all ages and industries.

Moe truly believes in the Thorzt product as it is the only Australian Made & Owned product that is 99% sugar free, includes the all important Branch Chain Amino Acids and the necessary Vitamin B & C.

Help promote this truly Aussie distributor that is helping promote a truly Aussie brand, THORZT!